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How to Fish a Drop Shot Rig

Vertical Fishing

Probably the most common way to fish a drop shot is fishing it vertically. If you have a fish finder and you come across a school of fish below you pulling out the drop shot is a great choice. This combo allows you to basically video game fish. What people mean when they refer to video game fishing is watching your fish finder for an arch (a fish) then dropping your bait and watching it fall on your fishfinder. When your bait gets right in front of the fish you can shake your bait right in their face and watch them eat it. This is a phenomenal scenario when you can see fish on your electronics and put your bait right in their face.

This technique is typically used to give action to the bait without having to cover much distance. So you can really cover pieces of structure like a rock pile and keep your bait in the strike zone around it longer than most other techniques.

Covering Water

Above I talked about fishing the drop shot in a specific spot and not covering a lot of distance. Now let’s talk about the opposite, fishing them aggressively and covering distance. For this style, you are going to want a little bit heavier weight to keep your bait down even with an aggressive shake. During warmer months, especially during spring bass are much more aggressive so you can get away with fishing the drop shot a lot quicker.

Cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. Then lower your rod tip and just shake it while you slowly drag it back to you. This will make your bait hop along the bottom. Add in some pauses so the bait can kind of shimmy in place before moving it again.

Swimbait Drop Shot

Drop-shotting a swimbait is a technique that doesn’t get talked about much but should be. It is a great way to catch suspended fish which typically are one of the hardest fish to catch. Being able to catch suspended fish puts you at a big advantage over other anglers. With technology, it is getting easier and easier to find suspended fish and this technique is a great way to catch them.

To target suspended bass what you want to do is position yourself shallow and cast your bait out deep. After casting out flip your bail closed. With your bail closed your bait won’t be able to sink straight down since it won’t have slack line. Instead, it will follow a pendulum path, meaning it will be pulled towards you as it sinks. As it, pendulums down through the fish slowly reel it in. When your bait gets to the desired depth you can add in some rod twitches.

Power Shotting

A power shot is a power fishing technique using a drop shot. You hook your bait texas rigged and use a baitcaster flipping stick. To fish it you flip the dropshot into lillys, toolies, reeds, any cover just like you would any other flipping bait. Let it sink, then shake it a couple times, pause, and shake it again. Reel it in and flip it to another spot. If you like to flip and pitch then you definitely want to give power shotting a try.