How to Fine Tune a Crankbait

After deflecting crankbaits off rock and hardcover for a couple of seasons you will inevitably run into a bait that doesn’t track straight anymore. Fortunately, this can be fixed and you don’t have to throw out the bait. To fix this issue you’ll need to adjust the eyelet that you tie onto. If your bait tracks to the right then you will need to bend the eyelet slightly to the left with pliers. Make small adjustments and make test casts to determine if more adjustments are needed.

Fixing Crankbaits That Swim Sideways

  1. Lay your plyers flat along the bill and clamp down on the eyelet
  2. Bend the eyelet the opposite way the bait has been turning to
  3. Make very small adjustments at a time and test after each

Fine Tuning Crankbaits for Fishing Around Docks

When fishing docks it can be beneficial to have a crankbait that dives sideways. By tuning your crankbait to dive to one side you gain the ability to get your lure a few extra feet under the dock. By tuning your crankbait to the left you can cast alongside a dock and instead of fishing alongside it, your lure will be diving to the left under it. This allows you to get your bait in more prime holding areas and will greatly improve your abilities around docks.

Final Thought on Adjusting Crankbaits

If you are going to fish crankbaits often then learning how to tune a crankbait is a skill you will have to learn. It is simple to learn and it can make a big difference in fixing defects and optimizing your baits for certain situations. Over time as your crankbaits knock into cover and rock, it is inevitable that they will need to be tuned.